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Ma'agalim in High Schools

The Ma'agalim High School program aspires to introduce at-risk youth from Israel's social periphery to a meaningful, productive and valuable future, while providing them with invaluable social tools and life skills. The Ma'agalim program gradually builds up the confidence, self-esteem and social awareness of Israel's promising youth.

During the first year (11th grade), programs are primarily focused on building trust between the mentors and the students, and creating confident students with increased self-esteem and a desire to give back to the community.

During the second year (12th grade), Ma'agalim expands the personal growth and development process, and provides insights, options and future paths to explore.

Principled Living

Developing each student's belief in their value and abilities, while encouraging them to set and obtain goals.

Additionally, we guide students in dealing with Western culture issues, including the constant rating, sharing and extravaganza cultures, and highlight the importance of family values, love, respect and integrity.

Jewish Identity

Formulating and strengthening the Jewish identity before venturing out to independence.

Giving Back

Providing an opportunity to give back to the community via the TZEELA project.

Service Prep

Preparing youth towards meaningful IDF/national service.

Program Module:

Programs include weekly school meetings based on a pre-determined schedule, with a skilled mentor who provides a positive role model and acts as a listening ear.

Additionally, we focus on extracurricular activities such as various workshops, tours and introductions to leading professionals in various fields.

In the social awareness aspect, we encourage a focused, student-centric approach, and opt to improve the student's environment alongside the students and their families.

Finally, we mentor and support program alumni throughout their IDF/national service.


The TZEELA Leadership Program is designed to build a community of young social leaders for the community.

One of Ma'agalim's objectives is creating an impactful leadership in the community awareness sphere. TZEELA, in collaboration with high school students from across the country, regional councils and businesses, aspires to rejuvenate the leadership skills for at-risk youth in the periphery, and motivate the youth to become responsible, innovative and empathetic adults. Participants are encouraged to give back to the community and promote solidarity and unity across all sectors, age groups and communities in Israel.

How it works:

Participants are recruited from the Ma'agalim student base (11th grade students).

The mentor, alongside the selected group of participants identify a problem, and the students begin working on a solution.

The solution is presented, planned and executed by the students, and in collaboration with volunteers from different sectors and communities.

Social awareness is increased and its impact is displayed to the program participants.

Recent TZEELA Projects:

Purim party for children's hospitals, Bar/Bat Mitzva parties for families from a low socio-economic background, renovating homes of the elderly and distributing food for those in need.


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Where We Make a Difference

Or Akiva, 32 students
Or Yehuda, 24 students
Elad, 30 students
Tel Aviv-Yafo, 208 students
Ashdod, 448 students
Ashkelon, 528 students
Beer Tuvia, 80 students
Beer Sheva, 208 students
Beit Shemesh, 192 students
Bnei Brak, 64 students
Bat Yam, 176 students
Gedera, 60 students
Dimona, 96 students
Hadera, 48 students
Hatzor HaGlilit, 44 students
Tiberias, 78 students
Tirat Carmel, 128 students
Yavne, 110 students
Yehud, 64 students
Jerusalem, 320 students
Kfar Saba, 112 students
Carmiel, 70 students
Lod, 84 students
Ma'ale Adumim, 112 students
Nahariya, 48 students
Netivot, 128 students
Netanya, 260 students
Acco, 116 students
Afula, 128, students
Pardes Hanna-Karkur, 65 students
Tzfat, 96 students
Kiryat Gat, 304, students
Kiryat Yam, 48 students
Kiryat Malachi, 144 students
Rosh HaAyin, 224 students
Rishon Lezion, 80 students
Rehovot, 128 students
Ramla, 144 students
Sdot Negev, 60 students
Sderot, 60, students
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